Yo, Yo, Yo ~ Yankee Candle Halloween Enthusiasts, New 2013 information..

Yankee Candle Happy Ghost

Update: August 25, 2013

Sorry, I could NOT contain my excitement!! Starting with Yo also is reminiscent of the awesome show Breaking Bad – Thanks Jesse!!

New Yankee Candle Halloween 2013 information supposedly to come out on September 3rd, 2013.  If you follow beloved Yankee Candle, you know things were done a little bit differently this year…Their Boney Bunch preview was in August.  More stock will be released on September 3rd..However, there are some items that I recently found out about that will also be released at that time.  Sorry to Boney Bunch fans, I do not know if any new Boneys will make an entrance.

1)  A Large Metal Jack-o-lantern Votive Holder with adorable Handle and top. Bronzey brown color of metal.

2) A small version of said Jacko-o-lantern with handle and top.  This is for tealights.

3) A smaller matching Jack-o-lantern sampler holder(appears that way) with handle(no top)

4) Those adorable three ceramic ghosts are coming back from last year!! Pic above of the Happy one!!

5) A double hanging tart warmer with casket, Jack-o-lantern, owl, bats, gravestones

6) The cutest Black metal Spider tealight holder – looks like like webs hanging down. This is upright – wish I knew the height. A MUST HAVE!!

7) Square metal lanterns that look the same – with shaded glass(one orange, one frosted) and outlines of jack-o-lanterns, Owl, RIP, Ghosts, scary tree

8) Some tumbler candles with Jack O lantern labels. Really cute!  Orange is Candy Corn and Black is Witches’ Brew

9) A black twisted metal(looks like branches) jar holder

10) An Illumalid with Bones and Skull in silver plate


There may be more..but that’s all I have heard for now…September 3rd is just around the corner. WOOOOOT!


In other news, I am still waiting for Bath & Body Works Haunted Barn Luminary….


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