A picture of the new Yankee Candle 2015 Fall Gilded Leaf Candle Tray, beautiful!

Eek, eek, eek. I was able to get my hands on one of the new Yankee Candle Fall 2015 items.  It is the Gilded Leaf Candle Tray, and it is stunning!  This is supposed to go with the Black and Gold Maple Leaf Flickering line.  I would put it with anything though and you need it, even if you don’t get the entire line.  It is Gold and Black Glass (backside is pewter, but you don’t see that), when the light hits it ~ the gold just glimmers.  It is a great size too. It fits a large Yankee jar or tumbler well, a Scentsy warmer(see picture below with the Scentsy Edge and how the tray glows), and a Bath & Body Works 3 wick candle. I love this!  It’s not just for a candle either, it would be awesome with some acorns or other fall decor on it. It is just so pretty…


Yankee Candle Fall 2015 Gilded Leaf Candle Tray

Yankee Candle Fall 2015 Gilded Leaf Candle Tray


I don’t often get too excited about candle trays! This one is unique, as you really see the tray underneath the candle and it’s different for Yankee Candle. I cannot wait to see the Yankee Fall illuma-lids! Retail price for this candle tray is $12.99. Grab it when you see it!

Sheesh..Today is becoming a sneak peek fall day, lol!