Yankee Candle Catalog Fall 2013

If you love Yankee Candle as much as I do, You always want to look back….Since I cannot seem to find old catalogs online for future reference, I thought that I would start posting old ones on the blog.  That way, if you want to look back, you can view a catalog.  I try keep my stack of catalogs at home but cannot always find them.  Yankee Candle does have the CURRENT catalog on IPad and Catalog Spree(maybe other Apps as well).

Here is the Yankee Candle Catalog for Fall 2013  – I believe the release date was early August 2013.  MY favorite line is their Leaf Mosaic.  Absolutely gorgeous!

This post is is for fun and general information purposes only(wax and wax decor lovers fun of viewing previous catalogs) and may not be in its entirety. . Please check with Yankee Candle for information on ordering and specifics.