Pictures of the Yankee Candle 2015 Halloween / Boney Bunch Catalog…

I don’t know what happened to all the Yankee Sophia the Cat Accessories?!? I saw a whole bunch at Deerfield(Tart Burner, Jar Topper, Shade, etc), but there is only the few in the catalog…Maybe it was a limited release, I have no idea..since I didn’t attend the party today and just shopped online.

Well, here is the Yankee Candle 2015 Halloween / Boney Bunch Catalog


YankeeCandleHalloween201501 YankeeCandleHalloween201502 YankeeCandleHalloween201503 YankeeCandleHalloween201504






Cover – Black Magic Candles, Spellbound Witch Hand, Spellbound Witch Boots Holder, Wicked Web Shade and Plate











Spellbound Witch Boots Holder, Halloween Silhouettes Batty Bat Lantern, Wicked Web Lantern, Halloween Silhouettes Wicked Witch Flying Wax Melts Warmer, Halloween Silhouettes Haunted House, Halloween Silhouettes Orange Shade and Jar Holder, Sophia Cat Trick or Treat, Halloween Silhouettes Sophia Cat




YankeeCandleHalloween201509 YankeeCandleHalloween201510 YankeeCandleHalloween201511 YankeeCandleHalloween201512






Halloween Silhouettes Crow, Witch and Sophia, Spellbound Purple Flying Witch Shade, Foggy Nights Tea Light Holder, Halloween Silhouettes Jack O’ Lantern, Halloween Silhouettes Jack O’ Lantern Pedestal Tea Light Goblets


YankeeCandleHalloween201513YankeeCandleHalloween201514YankeeCandleHalloween201515 YankeeCandleHalloween201516






Spellbound Spooky Gates, Boney Bunch Dog Gone Wax Melts Warmer, Boney Bunch Cat Lady, Boney Bunch Spine Tingling, Boney Bunch Piano Bar, Boney Bunch Slaying Alive, Boney Bunch Last Tango



YankeeCandleHalloween201517 YankeeCandleHalloween201518 YankeeCandleHalloween201519 YankeeCandleHalloween201520






Boney Bunch Boos Brothers, Boney Bunch Dark Avenue, Boney Bunch Telebone, Boney Bunch Diamonds are a Ghoul’s best friend, Boney Bunch Candy Dish/Jar Holder, Boney Bunch Last Call Bartender


YankeeCandleHalloween201521 YankeeCandleHalloween201522 YankeeCandleHalloween201523 YankeeCandleHalloween201524






Scenterpieces for Fall


YankeeCandleHalloween201525 YankeeCandleHalloween201526 YankeeCandleHalloween201527 YankeeCandleHalloween201528




Fall Accessories and candles


YankeeCandleHalloween201533 YankeeCandleHalloween201534 YankeeCandleHalloween201535 YankeeCandleHalloween201536




Fall Accessories


YankeeCandleHalloween201537 YankeeCandleHalloween201538 YankeeCandleHalloween201539 YankeeCandleHalloween201540






Twilight Silhouettes and Bare Branches Accessories


YankeeCandleHalloween201542 YankeeCandleHalloween201543 YankeeCandleHalloween201544 YankeeCandleHalloween201545






Steam Punkin Jar Holder Boot, Steam Punkin Jar Holder Top Hat, Steam Punkin Gears Jar Holder









Steam Punkin Witches’ hat wax melts warmer, Steam Punkin Illuma-lid