Happy Holidays 2014

Hello Wax World,


Yankee Candle Glittering Midnight 2014

Yankee Candle Glittering Midnight 2014

It has been a great while since my last post…My GOAL for 2015 is to keep up to date on this blog and hopefully bring some useful information and cheer…

Year 2014 in review...many great new/old candle and wax scents and my favorites for the year(not all – this post would be pages long!).

BBW(Bath & Body Works) Pumpkin Cider Donut

Yankee Candle Christmas Memories, White Gardenia, Berrylicious

Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts (RG) Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs

Candles from the Keeping Room Spiced Orange, Lavender Zucchini

Haleys Heavenly Scents Grandma’s Hot Apple Pie Noel (OMG – so good)

CrossCreek Candles Honey Bunny 

Partylite Zen Thyme 


And once again, the 2014 CANDLE DECOR did not disappoint. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorites and I will stick to the Holidays because there would be too much for this post…

Pictured above Yankee Candle’s Glittering Midnight Accessory line.  This line was small, but absolutely perfect for the Holidays(Large Shade, plate, and two different tealight holders).  A very trendy blue color that stood out this year.  It was nice to see Yankee go outside the box with different Holiday colors.  My favorite!  It sold out pretty fast at our store.

Yankee Candle’s Winter Wonderland (the new theme and replacement for My Favorite Things).  Very simple and nice accessories in a white porcelein snowflake theme.  The candles were very pretty but the scents(IMO) did not impress.

White Barn made some very nice Holiday Rustic pieces.  Such as Metal Houses, Ski Slope line and mercury bases.. STUNNING!  I hope 2015 brings a White Barn Candle website that allows for ordering. They continue to expand and although many of their scents are at BBW, they have different accessory and additional wax lines. Their stores are more rustic and reminiscent of going to a Pottery Barn for exclusively candles – more upscale.

Scenty’s Santa Sleigh Warmer – this is an Element warmer which I find better for melting tarts, especially vendor wax tarts.  This has a large bowl to melt large pieces of wax. 30149R1SantasSleighISOFW2014PWS

It has been a great 2014!  What’s in your warmer?  Today, I have RG Frosted Streuselkuchen…perfect for this December day!


Cheers xx