Retail Therapy ~ a cure for the common cold..White Barn Candle/Bath & Body Works Tarts!!

White Barn / Bath& Body Works New Tarts & Candles

White Barn / Bath & Body Works. New Candles: Southern Sweet Tea, Georgia Peach, Vanilla Bean Macaron. Tarts: Lemon Verbena, Lilac Blossom, Peach Bellini, Oceanside, Pineapple Mango


Well, feeling absolutely lousy peeps and if any wax lover knows, not smelling just sucks!! I went to mall to get my teenager some much needed jeans after he split his favorites in half…sheesh!!..I had no plans to check out Bath & Body Works NOR White Barn for that matter..what is the point if you can barely smell(however, tell that to Abercrombie, that store is the smelliest of them all and even reached my nasal cortex like a smack to the head!)..

Anyway, ventured into BBW and did’t find a thang! Headed over to White Barn Candle and alas..jackpot!! White Barn has Bath & Body Works Wax Fragrance Melts (tarts) now!! Hey, When will BBW get these?? And, where have I been?  Well, they are pretty new…  Retail price is 3.00 per round shell(with 4 break away cubes) with a total weight of .97oz.  I find that to be a pretty high retail point for tarts of this size.  As expected and as they should be(lol), they were on sale for 5/$10.  Add in a 20% off coupon and we get down to a respectable $1.60 each. Not bad.  They didn’t have many scents out yet and I posted above what I purchased:  Lemon Verbena, Peach Bellini, Oceanside, Lilac Blossom and Pineapple Mango.  I can’t exclaim that this is the bomb diggity yet as haven’t melted them and my nose is not at its best.  I have had good luck with Bath & Body Works/White Barn candles chopped up and melting in warmers so I think these should turn out good..they are strongly scented on cold sniff.

As for the candles, I bought a few White Barn exclusives…Vanilla Bean Macaron(smells like Cupcake Frosting to me, but nevertheless, I like it), Southern Sweet Tea(similar to BBW London Calling, although I smell a little more sweetness to it), and Georgia Peach(like this one a lot, a great straight up peach scent).  I am really on the hunt for a good straight strawberry like their Strawberry Picnic but no luck..and I wish that they would make a delicious summer blueberry candle..Again, I struck out with that.

All in all, an unexpected wax trip that ended up nicely :).  I think I will go burn some eucalyptus now, you guys have a great Thursday!