My Review of the Scentsy Tiger’s Eye Warmer…

Scentsy Tiger's Eye Art Glass Warmer Review

Scentsy Tiger’s Eye Art Glass Warmer Review

Scentsy Tiger's Eye Art Glass Warmer Review ~ Bowl size small, one cube of Bonfire Beach

Scentsy Tiger’s Eye Art Glass Warmer Review ~ Bowl size small, one cube of Bonfire Beach

Scentsational's Flaming Orange Wax Melts ~ like a Florida Orange Grove

Scentsational’s Flaming Orange Wax Melts ~ like a Florida Orange Grove


I wanted to wait a few weeks to review the New Scentsy Tiger’s Eye Warmer after trying different wax cubes/tarts.  I still have mixed feelings on this one! At first, I was very disappointed seeing the bowl size of this warmer..extremely disappointed – it is absurdly small. That and the fact that it has a heat element of 10 watts.  I was shocked! So, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this warmer… The actual appearance of the  Scentsy Tiger’s Eye is quite beautiful, it changes colors in an unobtrusive manner, not overly vibrant where it would get on your nerves(ie. Partylite’s Color glow warmer annoys me).  I like that the light is very ambient and subtle.

As for the functionality, I needed to try a few scents to be sure.  With the size of this bowl, it fits one cube(with some excess) or two exactly squared Scentsy cubes ~ anymore and you are going to have an overflow! This warmer seems like it simmers the wax melt and it melts it just fine.  The scent lasts forever, I mean this literally.  It took almost 9 days for one cube of Scenty’s Bonfire Beach to lose fragrance and by then, I was tired of it! I tried out other scents from Scentsy and this NEW Scent from Scentsationals ~ Flaming Orange (awesome, smells like driving into a Florida Orange Grove) ~ same thing as the Scentsy fragrance, it does not dissipate quickly… Where this tart warmer excels is in a small room – it throws beautifully and like I said, your fragrant cubes will remain a long time.  So, with that said, if you have a small room like a Den or bedroom to show off this pretty warmer, you will love how long it makes tarts last and you will have a great smelling room.  Stick it into a large room and it’s lost, your fragrance overall is NOT going to be noticed…

Bottom line, at $55.00 the price is steep~ it does its best in a small room and the increased longevity of fragrant wax impresses me. The Art Glass is a NEW category to Scentsy this Spring/Summer 2015  and gorgeous, so expect more items like this to come out in the near future. I hope they increase the bowl size which will in turn likely increase the need for a higher watt element plate for a larger space, however, this will probably mean you go through your scents more quickly! That’s the trade off!




Crosscreek Country Candles is now open for Fall!

Crosscreek Country Candles Awesome Wax melts

Crosscreek Country Candles
Awesome Wax melts

Oooh, How I love this Wax Vendor! They are now open after being closed for summer. Some terrific scents to try out.  Crosscreek Country Candles is in my top 5 of wax vendors. I love her Gembertaarts, Pumpkin Zucchini Pie, Cafe Vienna…to name just a few.  Look out for those adorable Jack O Lantern tarts and cat ones.  There are so many shapes you can choose from and for every $15 before shipping that you spend, you get one free tart.  Her TAT currently is 5 to 10 business days.  She is quick and these melts will leave you feeling giddy with happiness!!  Happy Wax Day, indeed!

Crosscreek Country Candles