My Scentsy Let It Snow Mason Warmer has arrived ~ LOVE

Scentsy Let It Snow Warmer

Scentsy Let It Snow Warmer

Oh Em Gee, I just love this warmer. The Scentsy November 2015 Warmer of the Month just arrived and it’s as amazing as I thought it would be.  If you love “Chasing FireFlies”, you are gonna love it’s Winter cousin, “Let it Snow“! It’s gorgeous and just illuminates everything. Even my husband loves it.  I am thinking that this would make a great gift for the kids teachers…Hmm, might need another order!

Also, I put in the scent Winter Cypress which is nice.  It’s not like I was thinking but kind of more of a clean, soapy scent with a teensy bit of lavender.  I like it for a small bathroom or a Scentsy Nightlight warmer. Not a must have as I thought, but definitely one to try if you like clean scents. I would say the throw is on the light-medium side.

And, I received the Scentsy Gingerbread house.  Once it I try it out tomorrow, I will post a review.  It is so PRETTY and IMO, based on appearances – worth the $75.00…which is saying a lot as I have never spent that much on a warmer before…

Onto that tomorrow. Have a great night peeps! I am going to watch some TV with the family and Let it Snow will be glowing sweetly in the background…AND, it’s cold tonight so it’s fitting!