Yay, I am in total love with the Scentsy June 2015 Warmer and New Scents of the Month ~ Lone Star, Summer Sunrise & Summer Sunset!!


Yay, It debuted this morning(unlike some other items I was expecting), and it is glorious!  Here is the new Scentsy Warmer of the Month ~ LONE STAR!


Scentsy June 2015 Warmer of the Month called Lone Star

Scentsy June 2015 Warmer of the Month called Lone Star


Scentsy June 2015 Scents of the Month Summer Sunrise & Summer Sunset


This is exactly what I was hoping for!! This is one Rustic Americana Warmer that will fit perfectly in our living room.  I have Scentsy’s God Bless America which I love, but I wanted something Americana without all the Red/White/Blue to blend in our living room.  I am so excited to purchase this!! I was thinking of getting the Ranger Star Silhouette wrap, but wasn’t that crazy about it…This new warmer is to die for!

And look at the scents, they give us two this month, I can’t remember that ever happening(remind me peeps!).  We have Summer Sunrise and Summer Sunset.

Summer Sunrise ~ Savor the stillness of dawn and freshly grown juniper berry, cardamom and a crackle of black pepper, enlighten by aromatic bergamot and cedar.

Summer Sunset ~ Delight in the sun’s last rays as brilliant pomegranate, black currant and rhubarb dissolve into the horizon of sugared lemon and vanilla frost.

Yeah, I am thinking Summer Sunset is going to be a new fave for me!

Enjoy and Happy May! This will be available June 1st from Scentsy!