Scentsy Fall / Winter 2013 Catalog, Harvest Collection and September 2013 Warmer and Scent of the Month

Tomorrow you can officially order online(if you haven’t already preordered) Scenty’s newest warmers in their new 2013 Catalog.  You can find a representative at Scentsy. 



The September Warmer of the Month is called Creepy Crawly – very cool for Halloween and I like it with the Yankee Candle Spider items.  The scent is Sugar and Spice.  Every nose is different, but this scent was not a favorite of mine, it was quite pungent.


Harvest and Halloween Collection  ~ Cute Stuff



The unveiling of the October 2013 Warmer and Scent of the month should be tomorrow….

 Update ~ Here it is:  Scentsy October Warmer 2013