Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Kiss me, I am Irish…

Scentsy Charmer for St. Patrick's Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!

What are your plans this fine day and evening?  Green Beer? Corn beef? Lots of Pinching..:) ..

Above is a picture of my Scentsy Charmer warmer with the bowl filler from Pier1(Scent courtesy of CFTKR, Zucchini Noel..Mmmm)..turned out quite nicely, tomorrow I will turn around and do it over with Pier 1 Easter filler! Time is flying fast..Spring is almost upon us(though today you wouldn’t know it)….

With that, I will leave you all with my favorite Irish song sung by¬†Steve Martin…Tura Lura Lura…lol! Have a great day!