Scentsy’s Limited Edition 2015 Christmas Gingerbread House Warmer review…



Scentsy utterly and completely slammed this years Limited Edition Christmas Warmer outta the ball park! I totally love this 2015 Gingerbread house warmer.  Yes, it’s a pricey $75.00 but it is so adorable.  Many years of good use with this one – this is by far the most expensive warmer I have ever purchased.  It’s what the Haunted House should have been this year(no lights on that!!) – still liked it, but a big BOO. Anyway, this Gingerbread house lights up with a 25 watt bulb, which melts the wax perfectly. In fact I have a Candle’s From the Keeping Room tart in there now – which you can see overfilled just above the line in the dish.  That tart is probably just over an ounce of wax, so this dish is a good size(thankfully!).  The details are amazing and I just love the way it lights up with it streaming out of the windows… Totally worth it.  I need a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a few more Gingerbread decorations in my kitchen…Oh, and the Ornament is very nice too. Great, heavy duty quality.

By the way, a terrific complement to this warmer is the Scentsy Nightlight “Happy Holidays” Mug…

Scentsy Happy Holidays Nightlight


TGIF my wax friends, more posts later on the most delectable candle I have been burning this week…Have a great day!