Hot Tart of the Day ~ Rosegirls Berry Lovely Monster Cookies

Rosegirls Berry Lovely Monster Cookies Wax Chunk

Rosegirls Berry Lovely Monster Cookies Wax Chunk


Divine..just Divine! Wax lovers, you must get this! This scent has been melting in my Partylite Warmer for two days straight now and still throws amazingly and fills my entire Living room! Scent of Wildberry, Lemon and the wonderful bakery aroma of Rosegirl’s proprietary scent – Monster Cookie. To Die For…Yum!!


You can’t go wrong with anything Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts has to offer…If you are in Wisconsin, you are one lucky son of a gun to have their store close by…Please check out and join their Facebook page for the latest information about their next opening online and new product(s)!



Hot Tart of the Day!

Hot Tart of the Day ~ Rosegirls Fireside Marshmallow Type Mmmmmm

Hot Tart of the Day ~ Rosegirls Fireside Marshmallow Type

Oh Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts! Why do you do this to me?!? OR rather, Keep it up!  SOOO GOOD!

This one is Fireside Marshmallow Type. Similar to BBW’s version of Marshmallow Fireside…maybe a little bit..but definitely stronger and more ooey gooey sweetness!  With this fabulous weather and fall season comes the sickies :(, so I am home today with my sick boo boo. Melting this tart is helping and we are feeling all cozy, sipping on Cup O Soup.

Stay Healthy peeps! At least it’s Friday!!

Check Rosegirls Facebook page for an opening date. Sometime in October is what I hear and will update accordingly here.


Hot Tart of the Day!

 Rosegirls Paradise Pink Sugar

Rosegirls Chunk Wax Cake Melts, Paradise Pink Sugar

Today’s HOT TART OF THE DAY…this is made from an amazing wax vendor, Rosegirls Chunk Wax Cake Melts.   This vendor makes such beautifully, unique tarts.  Chunky, colorful, any creation you want.  They have a multitude of scents and you can order bags, pies, loafs, etc.

This particular tart must have come from either an old Sampler I purchased or a sample they sent.  It is called Paradise Pink Sugar! Completely amazing and something that I wouldn’t usually order…but I ADORE it.  It really should be the HOT Tart of the Summer. The throw went strong for three ENTIRE days. I had it going in our Master Bedroom – and it filled it up.  Our master is a pretty good size too. It was like a sugary Tropical drink floating through the air. Totally THE BOMB!  I need more of this badly.  I don’t think they reopen until late September(not sure).  I am seriously considering  ordering a loaf of this, even though it will be time to order Holiday scents!


Description is: Paradise– freshly squeezed lime with slices of pineapple, orange and lemon.

Then throw some Pink Sugar into that!! And, WOW!!


AH, RG Paradise...

 Even though I am itching for FALL..I am totally feeling this…GULP!  Good stuff!