My current favorite Candle Accessory ~ Partylite Clearly Creative Lamp

Partylite Clearly Creative Lamp

Partylite Clearly Creative Lamp

Above is a picture of my Partylite Clearly Creative Lamp with some Pier 1 Rattan Orbs in the base and a Goosecreek candle in the top lamp portion. Yes, I am an admitted Candle Accessory Addict. It’s just as bad as the wax, I tell ya!

I have had this Partylite lamp for approximately a year and purchased it for a steal from Partylite’s Online Outlet shop for approximately $35.  It is a big piece, approximately 17″ high x 9″ wide.  The top piece(lamp shade) is frosted glass and removable. There is an insert included that drops below to have a candle sit within the clear glass (if you so choose not to use it as a lamp) and there is also a tea light holder for the Lamp Shade. I just finally got this out a few weeks ago to use and it is so beautiful!  I currently have it in our kitchen nook and placed a Yankee Candle clear jar plate in the shade so the candle will seat level(glass was a tiny bit uneven).  It is great because it will hold a big candle, including Goosecreek, Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works 3 wicks.  And, the glow is stunning and warm!

By the way, The Goosecreek Candle burning in this is “Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake” and it’s wonderful.  Goosecreek candles burn cleanly, have a two wick in their large jar so you get a nice pool fast.  It throws really well. A great summer bakery scent.

If you happen to see this Clearly Creative Lamp pop up again in Partylite’s outlet, be sure to get it!! It’s so worth it…I already have my Pier 1 rattan Pumpkins in waiting to decorate it in fall!

Have a great day and Happy August!