Some info on the upcoming 2015 Yankee Candle summer accessories, B2G2 Free coupon and a pic!

Yankee Candle 2015 Summer Pink Floral Mosaic,and the matching Pink Floral Mosaic Warmer from Amazon

Yankee Candle 2015 Summer Pink Floral Mosaic, and the matching Pink Floral Mosaic Warmer from Amazon


Hi All..Woot, thought it was a Wednesday..How exciting to realize that tomorrow is Friday!!  This has been a fast week…

Anyhow, I have some new information on some more upcoming 2015 summer accessories for Yankee Candle.  Above is a picture of the Pink Floral Mosaic coming out.  The shade and plate are from Yankee Candle (not online yet),  the Tart Burner is from Amazon and a perfect match – Biedermann & Sons Mosaic Tealight Oil Warmer, Pink Floral.  It is so pretty. I really do not know if Yankee is going to have the warmer, so I went ahead and purchased it off of Amazon because I am impatient like that :).  There are also two different styles of tealight and votives holders at YC ~ the bubble style(round) and the straight style cups.  Like most mosaic, this reflects everything nicely.  I am NOT a big pink fan, but this is really pretty ~ you get the different lighting and shades ~ some coral to it.  It’s is beautiful! Love it with Honey Blossom!

Other items coming out soon ~ an Americana Chevron Glass Shade with stripes and stars(for Memorial and the 4th) with matching votive holders.  There are some mosaic Red/White/Blue votive cups too and ones with stars that have a frosted glass.  There is a silver tone short star jar holder sleeve  In addition, there are some dark metal items ~ a very nice black metal large jar holder with a star above the top and a square tart warmer(electric) with punched out stars for light ~ it uses a light bulb.  Looks pretty cool!  There is a new jar holder with hearts around the base(black metal).  Various other votive holders of Hummingbirds and butterflies.  Of course, that won’t be all…Can’t wait to see what else is coming up!

I really think that Yankee Candle did a great job this year with the accessories for summer ~ it is usually boring, IMO.  I liked quite a bit of it.  Look for the new items to start showing up online within the next week!

And for today, there is a coupon floating around ~ it’s a Buy 2 get 2 ANY size candles FREE and FREE SHIPPING!  Promo Code: Ship4

Happy Shopping! 

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