Partylite Birdhouse Scentglow Warmer ~ Beautiful

I received this new Partylite Birdhouse warmer  over the Holidays from their Winter/Spring 2015 catalog. It is to die for cute.  I prefer Partylite’s warmers to all others for many reasons.Here are a few:  1) They use a Hotplate which makes them great for all types of wax melts.  2) They still light up! 3) Ingenious – they have the on/off switch on the warmer  4) Removable bowls – A MUST!

I have many of their warmers but this being the newest ~ this is one of my favorites in the new catalog  Here are some pictures.  This warmer is not small – 6-1/4″h x 5-1/4″w. When it’s off the bird is gone! Such a sweet warmer.

IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094


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