OMG, The Halloween 2015 Scentsy Warmers are TDF!!!

Halloween 2015 Scentsy Warmers

Halloween 2015 Scentsy Warmers

Double, Double Toil and Trouble…yes, that’s what my budget looks like this September with thanks to Scentsy!

Look at some of the new 2015 Halloween Scentsy Wax Warmers…I just don’t think I can choose.. I have no idea what the official names are, but looks like I might NEED one of each, lol!!  From top left to bottom: Purple Haunted Mansion Glow Theme warmer, Green Cat and Jack O’ Lantern Glow theme warmer, That huge Haunted Mansion Warmer(COMING HOME, BABY!), Jack O’ Lantern Warmer with Purple hat(on the fence with this one, so if there is one I can spare, it is this!), and a Crow Fleur-de-lis Wrap for the Silhouette Warmer!

Ah-mazing!! I love, love Halloween!! I am melting some Pumpkin Roll Wax cubes right now in anticipation…



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