New York Style Pizza – Amnon’s Kosher Pizza at your nearest Costco = slice of Heaven!

You know what inevitably shows up after the Holidays…1) Cold as get out weather 2) an unexpected bill… Yes, this is January for me EVERY year~ Does anyone else get why I hate January?!?  Well…a lil pizza just made it better!…

The kitchen sink here is literally down…we had a plumber come out and it’s gonna cost us major bucks to repair the broken pipe under the concrete in the basement(which should be done tomorrow).  Well, the only bright side to that is that this Mom is NOT cooking because I do not like washing a whole slew of pots and pans in the laundry sink… And, with school being out and kid’s home due to subzero temps..what am I gonna do?? Costco to the rescue!

This little baby – Amnon’s Kosher pizza from Costco(frozen by the slice, which is PERFECT) hit my little Breville Toaster oven and I am in LOVE… I haven’t had such good NY pizza since ummm..New York!!  This is heaven people.  I wish I had a price for you to post right now (it’s been in my freezer awhile), but apparently they sell these frozen on their website(which happens to be down right now)..Check them out. They are from Brooklyn and I am telling you, if you like NY style – this is the real deal!




Amnon's Kosher Pizza - Costco

Amnon’s Kosher Pizza – Costco


Off to eat another slice…Mangia, Mangia!

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