New Yankee Candle Thanksgiving Candles and accessories available September 30, 2013

Yankee Candle 2013 Thanksgiving Candle, Turkey & Stuffing

Yankee Candle 2013 Thanksgiving Candle, Turkey & Stuffing

Here is a picture of one of the new Yankee Candle 2013 Thanksgiving Candles, Turkey & Stuffing.  There are two more candles not shown: Cranberry Sauce and Sweet Potato Pie.  Gawd, I’m so glad I stocked up on Be Thankful.  I do not know if that is going to be around this year as it was clearanced off. **sadness**  If you see it, get it.  Yankee’s Be Thankful, in my nose’s opinion, is a must have scent!

This flyer states availability of these candles, etc. on September 30th..Sometimes, it’s earlier online or at your store..I always check and inquire before hand.  Although I am not too excited over these new candles, I am always interested in the accompanied accessories for which information should be forthcoming!

On the other side of this pamphlet is the coupon for $15 off $45.  It states valid from September 30th – October 27th, 2013.  However, the online code of RBB13 is currently working. There always seems to be a $20 off $45 floating around, and of course, if that hits me, I will be sharing.   For now, enjoy!!

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