New Tortoise Shell Glass 3 wick candle luminary from Bath & Body Works / White Barn Candle Company…

Uh, huh..It’s Friday, gorgeous out(just came in from working on flowers) and look what I found this morning at the mall…This GORGEOUS 3 wick candle luminary – purchased from White Barn, but with a Bath & Body Works tag for $49.50 – I had a coupon for 25% off that – HAPPYSPRING.  The sales associates believes that this will also be stocked at BBW…though my local BBW did not have it.  This is so pretty.  It’s really cool because it’s not an overly heavy glass piece, the insert for the candle holder is metal and pulls out,  the bottom part is open, and the base has a pedestal which is perfect for a candle wreath to wrap the bottom. Dimensions: Approximately 7″ at it’s widest and 11.5″ Height.

Pictures below..

Upper Left: Contains a Scentsy Travertine Silhouette Core with a wreath around bottom.. ADORABLE! This will be so cute in fall with one of the leave candle rings from Pier 1. Great colors!

Upper Right: Shows how you can slip the cord to a wax warmer out the bottom of this holder

Lower Left: Placement of an LED candle

Lower Right: Inside showing the Scentsy Travertine Silhouette Core warmer from the top view.

Of course, this fits the usual 3 wick candles, Yankee’s large jar or tumblers. 🙂




Bath & Body Works / White Barn Candle Co. Tortoise Shell 3 Wick Candle Holder

Bath & Body Works / White Barn Candle Co. Tortoise Shell 3 Wick Candle Holder


On May 11th, White Barn Candle Company is coming out with their last candle line for the 2015 summer called American Summer before their Semi Annual Sale…sounds vaguely like scents from Summer Boardwalk making a return.  She didn’t have the specifics on scents, but said this is a White Barn exclusive. I will make a return trip back on the 11th and check it out.

Have a fabulous Friday..I am heading back outside now to enjoy this spectacular weather!

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