New Fall Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern by Candlewarmers, Etc.! Fab!

Candlewarmers, Etc. Black Scroll Lantern, Fall 2013

Candlewarmers, Etc. Black Scroll Lantern, Fall 2013

I have a few Candle Warmers from the company, Candlewarmers, Etc. They work so well, especially if you have prefer not to burn candles, but still enjoy pretty light and throw. I really like to use them with candles that have a tendency to smoke and tunnel …no soot, no danger..just great scent!

This one is from their new Fall 2013 line and I love it. It comes in Black and White. They have many new adorable styles. They also make great hot plate tart warmers.

Here is a link to their Fall 2013 Catalog: Candlewarmers, Etc. Fall 2013 Catalog

You can purchase these items at Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel, and Amazon, to name a few places other than their direct site.

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