New Bath & Body Works 2013 Christmas / Holiday Snowman Luminary Candle Holder


Bath & Body Works 2013 Snowman 3 Wick Luminary

Bath & Body Works 2013 Snowman 3 Wick Luminary

Well…look what came in!! I thought the 2013 Bath & Body Works Christmas Village Luminary for mini candles(which appears to match the Snow Globe plug and this luminary since the snowman looks the same) might make an entrance, but to my surprise this 3 wick Snowman showed up. Where did he come from?  He is so cute. It is approximately 12″ high and will hold a 3 wick or even a Large Yankee Candle Jar. Retail is $44.50.  I love that you do not drop the candle in, you put it under and there is a removable plate.  Tres’ adorable!  Yes, I am on the Holiday Bandwagon early.  What can I say…The stores do not get a whole lot in..So, I say run or call your nearest store if you have an interest :). They go lightening fast!

Here is a pic of the cute box..since he is being put away till after Thanksgiving…See ya later, Snowman!




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