Hot Tart of the Day ~ Frosted Marilyn by Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts…

Here we go again..another fantastic fragrance by RoseGirls Chunk Wax MeltsFrosted Marilyn!


Got this baby warming in my new Glade warmer in our master bedroom this afternoon.  I am not exactly sure how to describe their scent Marilyn(a proprietary scent by Rosegirls) –  I would say it’s sort of a light perfumey fruity salad blend(I am so bad at descriptions), plus there is an overpour of their Cotton Candy Frosting.  It is sure is scrumptious and very complimentary to this beautiful, relaxing summer day and I quite like it in a bedroom. This is a huge, pretty color chunk of wax that I received in a swap. I adore it, as I adore most of their blends.

Rosegirls is currently open for their Minimelters right now.  You can make this blend by purchasing Marilyn mini melters  and Cotton Candy Frosting mini melters…I have a huge bag of their Cotton Candy Frosting and blend it with many different scents. It’s a great buy!

Happy Tarting!!

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