Hey, Is Mr. Bubble still around these days?

I can remember being home sick with my Mom and being in a bath full of fun with Mr. Bubble (Vick’s goop if you’re wickedly sick).  Cup-a-Soup made me think of this..    Good Memories…  My child is currently deciding if he should take a Philosophy Pumpkin Spiced Latte Bath or a Lush Ice Hotel Bath.  Times, they have a changed!!  Well, Where has Mr. Bubble gone? I remember getting excited during the Holidays to find a decorated Mr. Bubble in the bottom of my stocking.  Is he at Walmart? Walgreens?  Has he vaporized? He was cool, I wonder if my kids would think so? Hmmm…Must google more about Mr. Bubble.


Damn, QUICK UPDATE:  That was quick and boy have times CHANGED.  Mr. Bubble has his OWN website and an APP?!?  He’s still rocking.  Mr. Bubble.


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