Happy Holidays Everyone..The Leftovers is the best show on tv!

Hi All, Happy Holidays!! I have been so busy…

Above is one of the song’s from one of my favorite episodes from “The Leftovers” this season.  It’s “Let the Love Flow” by The Bellamy Brothers and it was played repeatedly during the episode 5 ,”No Room at the Inn” featuring the characters of Matt and Mary(and has played ever since on my iTunes among other songs from this season)..I cannot tell you how great Season 2 of The Leftovers has been.  You have to watch it. It is must see tv.  All of the actors are outstanding as is the direction!

In many ways, the episode of “No Room at the Inn” reminded me of “Lost” when Desmond Hume was first seen in the hatch( beginning of Man of Science, Man of Faith)…And, his love for Penelope Whitmore.  Gah, I just love this episode and the entire season.

Completely off topic for me, but I do hope everyone has or is watching this show. So good! Do we really have to wait another year for more?!? Argh…

Welp, more later…I bid you adieu for now!! Feliz Nevidad!

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