Maple Pancakes and Chocolate Cappuccino returning treasures at Yankee Candle this Fall 2015!!!

Yankee Candle 2015 returning treasure - Maple Pancakes

Yankee Candle 2015 returning treasure – Maple Pancakes


I am super excited to find out today that Maple Pancakes is returning as a treasure at Yankee Candle this fall…should be available anytime now.  I don’t see it online just yet.  Maple Pancakes is a favorite of mine and I will definitely be hoarding this one, I know that I am not alone as this is always on eBay for uber high prices!  This is one of my favorite scents that they retired..so perfect for a cool fall morning! Anyone else excited?!? Yeah!!  Also, Chocolate Cappuccino is coming back ~ I have never tried this scent so I am excited to get my hands on one.

Other treasure releases for Fall 2015: Autumn Woods, Berry Jam, Fudge Ripple, Root Beer Float, Blueberry, Evening Air, and Leather.

Sorry, wax friends, no further info on the Witches Ball yet and coupons as of today….info is under lock and key!! And, the early Fall catalog hasn’t been released yet either! Sheesh!!