Welcome fellow SCENTsationalists! 


What is a SCENTsationalist? Hmmmm…The old adage that one might be obsessed, have a keen interest in scents, aromas(okay, raising my hand!!)…or maybe it’s a little bit more than just that…One whom may realize that that their senses can take them places out of their current environment  – to an old memory, to a zen place, from Type A to Type ZZZzzz.  An aficionado whom is looking for entertaining dialogue about scents, wax, home decor, food, tastes, travel, experiences..you name it! SCENTS always go along with it…

We also love to have FUN!!   Who doesn’t, right?!?  This place will evolve as time goes on because nothing in this world is static…Stories will be told, favorite items shared(or not so favorite!), thoughts and opinions given, and hopefully you will enjoy it along the way…