Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread review..

Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread

I am speechless when it comes to Village Candle’s Warm Buttered Bread! All that I can muster in my best Celine Dion voice…”This is the best candle in ze world!!” It truly is, at least for right now…Ha!  Do you remember Bath & Body Works French Baguette(why it is not in the regular BBW line up is beyond me!)?!? Well, it’s pretty much that candle and maybe better.  Can’t believe I am sayin’ that.  If you were in love with that BBW candle, you must get Village Candle’s version.  It REALLY smells like I am baking fresh warm bread, and just layered some butter on top of it.  OMG, it’s so good.  My son came home hoping for some..poor child, lol!

Village Candle frequently has sales. You can find them at some grocery stores or TJ Maxx, if you do not want to purchase online.  This is going to be my current go to candle – large size is two wicks, 26oz. of wax for $19.50(before any coupon!). Not a bad price for a loaf of heaven!