Video of the Day ~ Game of Thrones(GOT) Season 5 trailer….

Do we really have to wait until April?? Ugh, that is far too long!! One of my favorites from the show – Natalie Dormer – is set to be “Captain Marvel”..since I am not a huge fan of that genre in general and HAVE to watch with my boys….at least there is an awesome actress such as Natalie to grace these films.

Welp, This has just whet my appetite for some Game of Thrones fun. At least we have “The Americans” and “Walking Dead”(couple more weeks) to keep us going in the mean time 🙂 !

Enjoy and hope that April pounces upon us quickly…

Video of the Day ~ Games of Thrones…KHALEESI…and accompanied scents

Ah..The beautiful tone of Jorah..How is it possible that someone else noticed the rolling of his tongue when saying Khaleesi..Khaleesi…It tickles the cilia in my ear drums, lol! Jorah(Iain Glen) is like a younger and better Richard Chamberlain. This show makes me scream, cry, and laugh all at the same time. But this man can speak like no other… It is pure poetry. 🙂 I won’t disclose how many times I’ve watched this video, I am merely happy of its creation!

While watching this show(a favorite)..to sorta keep this on topic…burning Leather or Patchouli is a good choice, lol. Anything earthy will do and also grab a goblet of your favorite vintage.  Afterwards, bathe yourself in some of Lush’s Figs and Leaves soap.  Good stuff all the way around!