Hot Tart of the Day!

Hot Tart of the Day ~ Rosegirls Fireside Marshmallow Type Mmmmmm

Hot Tart of the Day ~ Rosegirls Fireside Marshmallow Type

Oh Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts! Why do you do this to me?!? OR rather, Keep it up!  SOOO GOOD!

This one is Fireside Marshmallow Type. Similar to BBW’s version of Marshmallow Fireside…maybe a little bit..but definitely stronger and more ooey gooey sweetness!  With this fabulous weather and fall season comes the sickies :(, so I am home today with my sick boo boo. Melting this tart is helping and we are feeling all cozy, sipping on Cup O Soup.

Stay Healthy peeps! At least it’s Friday!!

Check Rosegirls Facebook page for an opening date. Sometime in October is what I hear and will update accordingly here.


New Yankee Candle Sale starting September 19 thru September 22, 2013

Yankee Candle Small Tumbler sale  2 for $20 or $12 each. CODE: TUMBLER Expires 09/22/2013

Yankee Candle Small Tumbler sale
2 for $20 or $12 each. CODE: TUMBLER
Expires 09/22/2013

Another weekly Yankee Candle sale, this time it is for small tumblers. Regular price is $15.99. Sale is $12.99 each or 2 for $20.00. I like the medium deal they had last week much better, but for those that like a small tumbler. Here ya go! I do like the fact that they are doing weekly sales and changing it up!

CODE: TUMBLER for online and working tonight!


I found a must have 2013 Holiday Luminary ~ Pier1 Rocks again!

Pier 1 Mosaic 2013 Snowman Candle Holder

Pier 1 Mosaic 2013 Snowman Candle Holder

Geez, will IOS ever be finished updating to 7? C’mon now…

While waiting, I found the one candle decorative accessory that must come home with me this Holiday Season (besides the PartyLite Majestic Hearth, but that will stay out all year). This Pier1 new Holiday 2013 Snowman Mosaic. STUNNING!

I think that it will hold a Yankee Candle Large Jar and hopefully a Bath & Body works 3 wick. It is about 22″ tall, 9 x 8 in width. Even though it states 3×6 pillar, I have other items from them that fits these candles based on these huge dimensions. The glow will be amazing through those cutouts…I mean, isn’t it beautiful?

Retail price: $60.00, but I will wait for a coupon 🙂

Tis’ Hump Day and a gorgeous Fall Day(almost there officially) at that!

keep-calm-it-s-hump-day-wednesdayAs if you need a reminder?!? It’s hump day!  Hump days are a wonderful thing…Half way there…Oh, Oh..Living on a prayer…Yep…But, Oh yeah…I am a parent…so do we have hump days?!? Hellz yes! Especially when we are off and they are at school. He He!

I am off and about…It is a gorgeous almost fall day. The sun is hitting the trees/leaves in the most amazing way. The air is crisp and blowing! Can it get any better? I suppose, but this is pretty darn good. I am not going to complain!

I’m dropping by Starbucks..which presently my Bank of America Card gives me 10% cash back.  YESSSS ~ It is Pumpkin Caramel Latte time with  a nice walk.

Enjoy your hump day! May it be magnificent like you!


PartyLite Majestic Hearth Hurricane ~ Why haven’t I seen this before?

My Oh My!! This Majestic Hearth Hurricane is beautiful.  I love PartyLite products.  They are pricey, but the quality is bar none! I love the fact that many of their items are not seasonal and you can change things up so easily.  You don’t even have to be especially crafty to decorate this.  I can see endless possibilities with this item and think it’s worth its price, especially if you get a deal with a consultant(and there are some deals out there).

If you need a PartyLite consultant – Check Here. I have no affiliation nor am I representative. You can usually get a great deal on item(s) by having your own party or going through a consultant’s party.  I believe if you go through a party.  Items are then Buy One item over $50 and get One Half Off.  And, if you sign up for their rewards system, you get a nice chunk back to spend later. The one caveat is that you cannot purchase items from the Outlet center with a party.

I just had to post this video…I love this piece. And the multi-tealight holder is just gorgeous!

P.S. Do not forget to check out their Outlet often. Some amazing deals there.

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