Scentsy’s Limited Edition 2015 Christmas Gingerbread House Warmer review…



Scentsy utterly and completely slammed this years Limited Edition Christmas Warmer outta the ball park! I totally love this 2015 Gingerbread house warmer.  Yes, it’s a pricey $75.00 but it is so adorable.  Many years of good use with this one – this is by far the most expensive warmer I have ever purchased.  It’s what the Haunted House should have been this year(no lights on that!!) – still liked it, but a big BOO. Anyway, this Gingerbread house lights up with a 25 watt bulb, which melts the wax perfectly. In fact I have a Candle’s From the Keeping Room tart in there now – which you can see overfilled just above the line in the dish.  That tart is probably just over an ounce of wax, so this dish is a good size(thankfully!).  The details are amazing and I just love the way it lights up with it streaming out of the windows… Totally worth it.  I need a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a few more Gingerbread decorations in my kitchen…Oh, and the Ornament is very nice too. Great, heavy duty quality.

By the way, a terrific complement to this warmer is the Scentsy Nightlight “Happy Holidays” Mug…

Scentsy Happy Holidays Nightlight


TGIF my wax friends, more posts later on the most delectable candle I have been burning this week…Have a great day!

My Scentsy Let It Snow Mason Warmer has arrived ~ LOVE

Scentsy Let It Snow Warmer

Scentsy Let It Snow Warmer

Oh Em Gee, I just love this warmer. The Scentsy November 2015 Warmer of the Month just arrived and it’s as amazing as I thought it would be.  If you love “Chasing FireFlies”, you are gonna love it’s Winter cousin, “Let it Snow“! It’s gorgeous and just illuminates everything. Even my husband loves it.  I am thinking that this would make a great gift for the kids teachers…Hmm, might need another order!

Also, I put in the scent Winter Cypress which is nice.  It’s not like I was thinking but kind of more of a clean, soapy scent with a teensy bit of lavender.  I like it for a small bathroom or a Scentsy Nightlight warmer. Not a must have as I thought, but definitely one to try if you like clean scents. I would say the throw is on the light-medium side.

And, I received the Scentsy Gingerbread house.  Once it I try it out tomorrow, I will post a review.  It is so PRETTY and IMO, based on appearances – worth the $75.00…which is saying a lot as I have never spent that much on a warmer before…

Onto that tomorrow. Have a great night peeps! I am going to watch some TV with the family and Let it Snow will be glowing sweetly in the background…AND, it’s cold tonight so it’s fitting!

Another Scentsy post…Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Tradition Warmer – A Gingerbread house and Bricks!! ACK!



OMG, isn’t that adorable. It’s Scentsy’s 2015 Annual Limited Edition Christmas Warmer with an ornament. It’s a Gingerbread house and this lights up – not like their Haunted House! So cute, and I love it. Kind of pricey at $75, but I may have to get it…Argh..

And, they have bricks for the Holidays…In Apple S’mores,  Apple Butter Frosting, Eskimo Kiss, Christmas Cottage, Juniper Berry and Pumpkin Roll. 17 oz Brick for $20.00. Must get the Apple Butter Frosting!

Off to shop…Have a great day!!

For the first time, Scenty’s December 2015 Warmer of the Month is a Silhouette Wrap and Scent of the Month is Rosewood & Freesia

I like this from Scentsy ,like it a lot.  I only have to buy the wrap come December 1st!! Love that!!

Scentsy’s December 2015 Warmer of the Month is called Forest Meadow – you can get the Silhouette wrap for 10% off or buy the core with it for 10% off! Love the Deer and Trees! Gorgeous Wrap!

scentsydecember2015warmerandscent - 1

The Scentsy December 2015 Scent of the Month is Rosewood & Freesia described as “White rose, baby freesia and lily dance with wintry hints of fir needle and rosewood in a lush, full-bodied fragrance.”  Love the sound of this!

Okay, more Scentsy goodness to come…Sheesh! And…Yes, I have already ordered my Let it Snow and Winter Cypress!!

Wo, Scenty’s November 2015 Warmer of the Month “Let it Snow” and it’s November 2015 Scent of the Month are awesome!

Scentsy November 2015 Scent and Warmer of the Month

Scentsy November 2015 Scent and Warmer of the Month


Holy Moly, Look at the above Scentsy November 2015 Warmer of the Month – Let it Snow! It’s like the Chasing Fireflies Warmer has come for Winter…I am in love. Mason Jar lovers, YESSS!! It’s just perfect and a MUST have order.  The four sides have a different theme on it and I know I am going to be ordering straight away because this is going to sell out! I need at least two!

And, I don’t usually get all excited about Scenty’s Scent of the Month, but Winter Cypress sounds so good. I love a mixture of lavender with anything and raspberry and mint – just so good! I have high hopes for this one!

We can get them on November 1st!! So excited. Oh, and I just placed my order for the Scentsy Christmas Old World Santa. Can’t wait to get that one too! Squealing with excitement!


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