Pier 1, Bohemian Round Hanging Lantern = LOVE!!

Sorry, the New Year has passed..the Holidays have passed..and I have been quiet as a mouse, lol!!  Hard to believe we are in January 2016..with that comes more and more new goodies and items to salivate over..

Not to disappoint us, Pier 1!!  Look at this Bohemian Round Hanging Lantern – Is this not just gorgeous and it’s huge!?!?

Pier 1 Bohemian Round Lantern Pier 1 Bohemian Round Lantern

Dimensions are 12.50″Dia x 31.50″H. It can hold a 3 x 8 candle. Retail is high: $89.95 before coupon(must use a coupon!) I am looking at getting this and putting a Luminara Candle with a timer in it. I typically get my Luminara Candles from White Barn company because they take Bath & Body Works coupons and give you a free remote.  This will be perfect in our laundry room!! It might be too pretty for that room, so subject to change.

I am thinking this will go great with my old Partylite Rustic Wire Items(discontinued now)..at least that is my hope! The color on Pier 1’s site states black but zoom in reveals a dark brown color. I have the entire Partylite Rustic Wire Collection that needs to be pulled out of the basement and out for display. Eek!!


Partylite Rustic Wire


Baby, It’s cold outside, but Pier 1 always screams Spring early!

Here is the Pier1 2015 Pre-Lit Jack O’Lantern I bought the other day – it is finally online plus coupon…

Pier 1 Pre-lit Jack O' Lantern Med - $69.99

Pier 1 Pre-lit Jack O’ Lantern Med – $69.99

I bought this Pre-Lit Jack O’ Lantern(medium size) other day in store at Pier1 – they had 1 left!! It is $69.99 – use CODE SAVE20 for 20% off and then I had a $10 reward. It is so stinkin’ cute!  Size:17.50″W x 4″D x 19.25″H. It takes 3 AA batteries in the back, and has an on/off switch on the side. It’s metal and rustic looking. I just LOVE it and plan on putting it on our covered front porch.  The only thing is I would have preferred is a timer, but oh well. Apparently, there is a larger version but I haven’t seen it just yet.


I also purchased the Pier1 Witch Silhouette to go with my Yankee Candle Witch items. Only $14.95 before coupon! Adorable!

Halloween Pier 1 Spooky Witch Silhouette Tabletop Sculpture

Halloween Pier 1 Spooky Witch Silhouette Tabletop Sculpture

YAY for Halloween goodies!! Happy Shopping, Friends!

A couple of Pier 1 2015 Halloween favorites to add to my ever growing list…

These are just so adorable from Pier 1. There is really so much Great Halloween Decor on their site that I get overwhelmed, lol. Too much cuteness! I am starting to pare down my picks to my must haves..Here are a couple.

This Pier 1 Spooky Witch Silhouette Tabletop Sculpture is fantastic…I will be putting it up on a cabinet, but this would be amazing on a Fire Place Mantle. At $14.95 that is a REALLY good deal!


Halloween Pier 1 Spooky Witch Silhouette Tabletop Sculpture

Halloween Pier 1 Spooky Witch Silhouette Tabletop Sculpture


This will be PERFECT with the Yankee Candle 2015 Flying Witch  Hanging Wax Melts Warmer!! Love this and a MUST! Retail: $27.99

Yankee Candle 2015Halloween Flying Witch Wax Warmer

Yankee Candle 2015 Halloween Flying Witch Wax Warmer


In addition, this Halloween Witch Hat lantern from Pier 1 is so adorable and affordable.  It’s currently on sale at Pier 1 for $18.36 and it’s 17″ in Height with a base of 7″ square. BIG size and Great price.  No one can touch that, except maybe Homegoods.

Pier 1 Halloween Witch Hat Lantern

Pier 1 Halloween Witch Hat Lantern

I guess that I am really sticking with the Witchy Theme this year..and Oh yeah, The Witch Boots are returning to Yankee Candle for 2015 along with other boots. Hooray!! I hope to get them! You can see more at Boney Bunch Love on Facebook.

Pier 1 Imports coupon ~ 10 off 50 or 25 off 100…

Pier 1 Halloween - Day of the Dead

Pier 1 Halloween – Day of the Dead

Hey Pier 1 lovers – there is a great coupon for Pier 1 right now!  Use Online Code: Pier1love to receive either $10 off $50 or $25 off $100…  Lots of great stuff online right now and some of it may be available for pickup at your local Pier 1 to save on shipping…plus you can use it on sale items to double up the savings!

I love the Halloween Day of the Dead goodies…I can’t pass up a great coupon like this, so I am definitely placing an order!!


Halloween 2015 has arrived early at Pier1.com…

Yes, Halloween has started popping up on Pier 1 along with some more of their Fall goodies(shhh…Christmas is popping up too, but we are not going there today :))…

Extreme Cuteness by Pier 1 for Halloween 2015

Extreme Cuteness by Pier 1 for Halloween 2015


Look at how cute all of this all of this is…Above is a picture of just a sampling of Pier 1’s 2015 Halloween fun..I need those Halloween Puff Stems, those Witch Brooms and black cat(hopefully to go with the Yankee Candle 2015 Witches Ball and Boney Bunch items and my previous Yankee Candle Black Cat items (Oh, how we need some more info about the 2015 Yankee Boney Bunch SOON!!).. I have so much Halloween and Fall decor, and it is so hard to resist buying more. And, I keep waiting to hear from Bath & Body Works/White Barn Candle as to their Fall and Halloween products…sigh..it just never ends.

Halloween Sugar Skull Wall Decor

Pier 1 2015 Halloween Sugar Skull Wall Decor

So, I see a trend emerging…! The Pier 1 Skulls resemble the ones that Partylite is also coming out with…I think they are pretty cool.  They are Mexican Sugar Skulls.  There is some information here, and it’s pretty interesting to read about its origins…

Well, it’s just barely summer…and Halloween is arriving in retail!! Exciting to look at and plan though!! Always wait for a 20% off or more coupon, and if you shop at Pier 1 regularly like me, get their credit card – I use it just for the rewards and special sales!



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