Happy Holidays Everyone..The Leftovers is the best show on tv!

Hi All, Happy Holidays!! I have been so busy…

Above is one of the song’s from one of my favorite episodes from “The Leftovers” this season.  It’s “Let the Love Flow” by The Bellamy Brothers and it was played repeatedly during the episode 5 ,”No Room at the Inn” featuring the characters of Matt and Mary(and has played ever since on my iTunes among other songs from this season)..I cannot tell you how great Season 2 of The Leftovers has been.  You have to watch it. It is must see tv.  All of the actors are outstanding as is the direction!

In many ways, the episode of “No Room at the Inn” reminded me of “Lost” when Desmond Hume was first seen in the hatch( beginning of Man of Science, Man of Faith)…And, his love for Penelope Whitmore.  Gah, I just love this episode and the entire season.

Completely off topic for me, but I do hope everyone has or is watching this show. So good! Do we really have to wait another year for more?!? Argh…

Welp, more later…I bid you adieu for now!! Feliz Nevidad!

Anyone else excited to watch “Fear the Walking Dead”??

This Sunday, peeps! “Fear the Walking Dead” Starts at 9pm, August 23rd on AMC! 


I can’t wait, it’s feels like Fall is really almost here(well, it is!)..Today was a breezy and relatively cool day. This summer has flown by, as usual.  I really want to get out my Fall decor and candles while watching this on Sunday night..would like to throw in some Halloween too, lol! Alas, it is too early and my husband might question my sanity(if he hasn’t already). He must not think I am too crazy, because he bought me some Boom Chicka Pop to chow down on for this show!!


Anyway, I am siked to see This Walking Dead spinoff. Good actors too!


Jan’s Candles from The Office..

Is it Friday yet?!? Could this past week be any more stressful(well, maybe),but it just SUCKS!

No, I am not completely like Jan from The Office, however, I am like her with regards to candles..this video is totally me…and I could not stop cracking up(which is a good thing today)!

I have Baby Bee Buttermilk melting from Candles from the Keeping Room..such a soothing scent! It helps to get my wax on during stressful times! And, I am listening to Taylor Swift…you guys can blame my tween for that..she’s got me listening to her music, lol!

Oy, Can’t wait for Ray Donovan Season 3…

Doesn’t Showtime’s Ray Donovan Season 3 Trailer look amazing? Only a few more weeks…It premieres on July 12th.  The California Dreamin’ track is perfect for this trailer, love this version..which happens to be an old one(weird, because I have been listening to Sia’s version lately, also very good).  This California Dreamin’ is by Scala & Kolacny Brothers, I downloaded it from Amazon because it is free for prime members.  Here is the link. Great song and great show!! Can’t wait…Also, Katie Holmes looks good!

Also, GOT(Game of Thrones) Season 5 is over…I can’t believe how entirely quick it went..Argh!! But, Sunday starts HBO’s True Detective Season 2 and we are looking forward to that. Unfortunately, my hubs is out of town this Sunday, so I promised him I would wait to catch the premiere when he returns…Oh, the anticipation!!!

TGIF, all! I managed to stay out of the candle stores today!! 🙂

Site updates…

Sorry for the ongoing issues..Updating theme, and it’s a work in progress :).

In the mean time, while I am doing this…Melting an amazing Candles from the Keeping Room Tart – Bumble Bee Buttermilk…It smells like my kids when they would take those Burt’s Bees Buttermilk baths…So awesome!!

Again, sorry for the issues. Hope to have this resolved in a few days! Have a great day!

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