Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pies ~ Awesomely good!



Trader Joe's Mini Pumpkin Pies

Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pies

Straight from your freezer to the oven to MY mouth! Completely, melt in your mouth good. I just popped these into our little Breville Toaster Oven(which is the BOMB too!)..and my lil’ family just devoured this package.  They are soo good! They get nice, toasty AND with a good crunch.  I know, there is just never anything bad from TJ’s and it’s another dessert for you guys to try out.  Seriously, I am buying up like 10 of these packages and baking them on Thanksgiving Day.  I like little desserts and these are perfect to serve with coffee after dinner … no pie slicing for me(lazy butt, I know!)  And, the price as usual is crazy good!

Here is more info.

“Traditional pumpkin pie is big and can serve a good number of people. Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pies are small and are each intended to be a single serving. Traditional pumpkin pie has a bottom crust only; these Minis have a top and bottom crust, making them an entirely different eating experience. Nestled within the top and bottom crusts is a smooth, rich, creamy pumpkin pie filling, made from pumpkins grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and replete with all the requisite spices. The top crust is sprinkled with sugar, and a star-shaped portion of the dough has been cut out, exposing the creamy filling and making the pies as cute as they are craveable.

You can heat them or simply let them thaw – we prefer them heated, but the choice is yours. How to eat them? So many options. Hold a Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pie in your hand, or practice more civilized pie consumption via the use of a plate and the utensils of your choice. Top with a mini dollop of whipped cream. Or turn pie à la mode upside down – start with a big bowl of ice cream and top it off with a Mini Pumpkin Pie! We’re selling each nine ounce box of six for $3.99, the same price we’ve had since we introduced these back in 2013. You’ll find them in our freezers.”

Buy them up before I do 🙂

A photo of my Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp..

Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp

Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp

I know, it’s just a picture of a little candle lamp, lol!! BUT, it’s my favorite thing to come out from Yankee in its latest Fall 2015 Catalog.  It’s the Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp!
It holds a votive candle, and it’s just perfection.  Dimensions are: 6.625″ x 4.6875″ and at $14.99 before a coupon, I think it’s a darn good bargain.  It is just the right size for a powder room, or around a bathtub(I bought two), and it’s not just for Winter(though it will be gorgeous for it!).  I love this design as it holds the votive perfectly and glows so nicely. The votive glass is solid and connected to the lamp base, so just two pieces – shade and bottom!  I really want Yankee to make this is more colors, bronze to match the lights and faucets in our master bathroom and maybe a gold! Such a cool item!!

Can’t wait for more from Yankee for the Holidays, though my heart is set on the upcoming Scentsy Warmers and Bath & Body Works Christmas fun!..Such great things to come and I can’t get it all! 🙂

The Yankee Candle 2015 Late Fall Catalog…

Here are pictures of the Yankee Candle 2015 Late Fall Catalog which includes some early Winter / Holiday Fragrances and accessories! Some of my favorite items I will put in a separate post..BUT, my absolute favorite item, The Fairy Frost Votive Lamp. It is just the perfect size! I hope they make it in different colors in this style like bronze and gold! This is awesome in my powder room!

Rumor is we might see more of “My Favorite Things…” returning in November 2015!  Well, maybe not exactly “My Favorite Things” but I have seen the DO RE MI Candle from Sound of Music, the label has notes!! Woo Hoo!! I can’t wait to see the Snowman accessories this year too – they are not colorful this year, but white and silver.


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My favorite Homemade New Fall Coffee Concoction for you Pumpkin Lovers – Guilt free too!

I have to tell you guys about my favorite guilt free coffee drink(our version of a Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte) that my hubby created this fall ~ It’s fabulous!! Brew about 5-6 oz of your favorite dark coffee(I prefer Starbucks Sumatra), add about 3 oz of unsweetened Silk Cashew Milk, add 1 packet of Truvia or your favorite zero calorie sweetener, add a few dashes of ground cinnamon, then THE Coup de la Creme is from Target ~ Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Syrup Sugar Free – add 1 oz.  Abracadabra…Good Stuff, and no GUILT!!

Here are some pics:












Holy Healthy Pumpkin Spice Coffee, here we come! It’s awesome.  Hey, I love my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte as much as anyone, but this one I can have every single morning without having to put on stretch pants by the end of the season.


Bath & Body Works is setting up for Halloween 2015..More Goodies to come!

All the of Halloween 2015 should be up and ready for purchase at Bath & Body Works in-store by Wednesday, September 9th.  There was some more out this weekend, so I snatched up some more cuteness…

And, I received my Yankee Candle orders and I LOVE, LOVE the Jack O’ Lantern Multi-Tealight Holder. It is truly stunning when lit, way better in person and I think one of my most favorite pieces that Yankee Candle came out with this year for Halloween.

Here is a picture of these adorable items!

Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works 2015 Halloween Cuteness

Top Left is the Yankee Candle Jack O’ Lantern – the tea light holder slides into the Jack O’ Lantern which is the same on both sides – so it is perfect for a dining table! It lights up amazingly!! It’s truly awesome!

Bottom Right is my Bath & Body Works haul, Scary Cat Mini Candle holder, Ceramic Ghost Pedestal, Ghost Mini Candle Holder on top of that, and the Jack O’ Lantern Mini Candle Holder. These are just darling, especially the ghost! What a scream!!

Now that my kids have settled back into school, and the weather should be cooler this week, I am going to full on decorate the house for Fall and Halloween. I will wait for the outside, but the inside will be transformed this week! FUN!!!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

PS. I have a great Scentsy Holiday / Christmas preview coming up soon and more Bath & Body Works Holiday to share…Sheesh, it is always something :)!!

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