Bath and Body Works Purchases and Old Partylite Tall Expressions Candle Holder

Bath & Body Works 2013 Rustic Pumpkin and Fall Test Scent Pumpkin Carrot Cake

Bath & Body Works 2013 Rustic Pumpkin and Fall Test Scent Pumpkin Carrot Cake

PartyLite Expressions Tall Holder with Leaf Parchment paper









Welp, I was planning on only getting soaps with that 10 off coupon I posted below..Yup, didn’t quite work out. I know, I know..I wasn’t supposed to buy the Bath & Body Works Rustic Pumpkin, but looking at it again, I made an excuse as to all the things I could do with it and how it differed from the Old PartyLite one I have(that one is black with clear leafs and scrolls).  Anyway, Here it is…featuring an awesome test scent by Bath & Body Works of Pumpkin Carrot Cake. I do hope this scent makes it to full line up next Fall 2014.

I wanted to show a picture of this PartyLite Expressions Tall Candle Holder as well. It fits into that BBW rustic pumpkin and can hold anything from a pillar, votive to a Bath & Body Works small candle.  I love it. I threw some scrapbook parchment paper in it for fall.  You can change it each season(or whenever with pictures or anything) and the gorgeous light gleams through. Parchment works really well in it.  This is an older item, that probably can only be found on Ebay now.

This is my haul for the day(and I hope for the rest of the week!).  Later, I will be posting recipes gearing up for football.  Some people like to pair wine with food, I pair beer, candles(or tarts) and food with FOOTBALL!!

Lil Football Dude

Have a great Friday, Ladies and Gents!