Some Bath & Body Works 2015 Winter / Holiday & Christmas Candles..Super cute labels!

Bath & Body Works Winter / Holiday Candles 2015

Bath & Body Works Winter / Holiday Candles 2015


Top Left to Bottom: White Barn Peace, White Barn Joy, White Barn Noel, Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple, Bath & Body Works Dashing through the Snow, Bath & Body Works  Jingle all the way, Bath & Body Works Evergreen, Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather, Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, Bath & Body Works Pomegranate Prosecco Punch, Bath & Body Works Sparkling Icicles, Bath & Body Works Snowflakes & Spruce, Bath & Body Works Golden Peach Sparkle(Peach Bellini?), Bath & Body Works Salted Caramel, Bath & Body Works Fresh Sparkling Snow, Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast, Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood, Bath & Body Works Vanilla Snowflake, Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam


I know that I am missing tons, especially Hot Maple Toddy and our Marshmallow Firesides and such! This is an early preview..Love BBW!! Love those Bear, Penguin and Snowman Labels! Cute stuff.  I heard from a little birdie that they are also coming out with some Penguin Ceramic accessories. So that should make us all a bit cheerful on this Monday morning:).

Enjoy the preview!

Woot!! A Bath & Body Works 2015 Holiday / Christmas Pocketbac Holder Preview…

Love my Pocketbac’s from Bath & Body Works!!

I cannot believe so far the enormous selection of new Pocketbac Holders coming for the 2015 Holidays from Bath & Body Works..Look how adorable?!? There are plenty more Pocketbac Scents coming soon and not included in this preview…These are mostly just holders! I have a stocking stuffer list going for all my kids, hubby and all! The Fair Isle will be attached to my new purse to match my Fair Isle boots..and my daughter just loves those Bow Holders that tie around the Pocketbac like a rubber band.  I love the Santa Hat.  Too many too pick and might just have to get them all!

They will be available soon!! Enjoy the preview!

Bath & Body Works 2015 Holiday / Christmas Pocketbac Preview

Bath & Body Works 2015 Holiday / Christmas Pocketbac Preview

Pictures of the Bath & Body Works 2015 Haunted House Lantern 3-wick Candle Luminary…

Bath & Body Works Haunted Mansion Lantern Candle Luminary


Above are some pictures of the Bath & Body Works 2015 Haunted House / Mansion Luminary.  Top Left: Side view with Jack O’ Lanterns, Bottom Left: Side view with Bat, Windows and Spider Web, Middle: Side view with Ghost, Jack O’ Lanterns and Bat, Top Right: Top View looking down, Bottom Right: Side View with Owl and Branches and Pumpkins.

I put a Scentsy Travertine Core Warmer into this Lantern / Luminary.  It looks super adorable.  It will hold BBW’s 3 wicks, Yankee Candle Large Candles and this Scentsy Warmer..so for me, this is very cute and versatile.

If you came looking for information on this 2015 Halloween Luminary..there is a whole lot of hate going on about it.  First, many are upset that there wasn’t a ceramic version this year and I get that. I collect them too.  There is the Ceramic Ghost Pedestal and Mini’s, but no ceramic house!  This luminary is metal or rather tin.  It’s is NOT very substantial and IMO, very overpriced at retail price point of $49.99.  It is 11.5″ tall and 6″ x 6″ wide. It should have been around the $30.00 range before coupon. I paid $40.00 after using a 20% off so I think I overspent.  However, and a big however, I REALLY do like it! There is a whole lot of detail on all four sides and it glows awesome with just this Scentsy in it, and even more with a 3 wick.  I don’t hate the Ghost that a lot of people do. I think it’s cute..some have removed it or you can even turn it to another side that you think is cuter. I love the Owl view the best.

FYI, There is a removable candle drop in that hangs on the top of the house to easily remove your candles.

I guess this is an item you are going to need to see for yourself and determine if you think it’s worth it..or wait and see if you can get it half price later. 🙂


Bath & Body Works is setting up for Halloween 2015..More Goodies to come!

All the of Halloween 2015 should be up and ready for purchase at Bath & Body Works in-store by Wednesday, September 9th.  There was some more out this weekend, so I snatched up some more cuteness…

And, I received my Yankee Candle orders and I LOVE, LOVE the Jack O’ Lantern Multi-Tealight Holder. It is truly stunning when lit, way better in person and I think one of my most favorite pieces that Yankee Candle came out with this year for Halloween.

Here is a picture of these adorable items!

Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works 2015 Halloween Cuteness

Top Left is the Yankee Candle Jack O’ Lantern – the tea light holder slides into the Jack O’ Lantern which is the same on both sides – so it is perfect for a dining table! It lights up amazingly!! It’s truly awesome!

Bottom Right is my Bath & Body Works haul, Scary Cat Mini Candle holder, Ceramic Ghost Pedestal, Ghost Mini Candle Holder on top of that, and the Jack O’ Lantern Mini Candle Holder. These are just darling, especially the ghost! What a scream!!

Now that my kids have settled back into school, and the weather should be cooler this week, I am going to full on decorate the house for Fall and Halloween. I will wait for the outside, but the inside will be transformed this week! FUN!!!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

PS. I have a great Scentsy Holiday / Christmas preview coming up soon and more Bath & Body Works Holiday to share…Sheesh, it is always something :)!!

How ’bout a little Bath & Body Works 2015 Winter / Holiday Hand Soap Preview?!?

Is it too early for a Bath & Body Works Winter Hand Soap Preview, lol !?! Well, before you know it, we will be in the midst of the Holiday Rush…I mean Hobby Lobby has had it’s Christmas stuff out since July..I just avoid it until after Halloween…but I do like to look!

Bath & Body Works 2015 Winter / Holiday Hand Soap Preview

Bath & Body Works 2015 Winter / Holiday Hand Soap Preview


So far, not any big surprises! But, the packaging is really pretty this year.  From Top Left to Bottom Right: The Famous Twisted Peppermint, Snow-Kissed Citrus, Winter Candy Apple, Frosted Cranberry, Orchard Frost(New, right?), Fresh Sparkling Snow

I really hope they come out with some pretty Christmas Ceramic Soap Holders and a Ceramic Holiday Luminary…I can’t wait to see what else is in store from BBW.

In the mean time, I am still waiting for the BBW Jack O’ Lantern Soap Holder to show up so I can snag one!! ARGH…

Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!! Don’t labor too hard, enjoy it!


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