Happy Holidays Everyone..The Leftovers is the best show on tv!

Hi All, Happy Holidays!! I have been so busy…

Above is one of the song’s from one of my favorite episodes from “The Leftovers” this season.  It’s “Let the Love Flow” by The Bellamy Brothers and it was played repeatedly during the episode 5 ,”No Room at the Inn” featuring the characters of Matt and Mary(and has played ever since on my iTunes among other songs from this season)..I cannot tell you how great Season 2 of The Leftovers has been.  You have to watch it. It is must see tv.  All of the actors are outstanding as is the direction!

In many ways, the episode of “No Room at the Inn” reminded me of “Lost” when Desmond Hume was first seen in the hatch( beginning of Man of Science, Man of Faith)…And, his love for Penelope Whitmore.  Gah, I just love this episode and the entire season.

Completely off topic for me, but I do hope everyone has or is watching this show. So good! Do we really have to wait another year for more?!? Argh…

Welp, more later…I bid you adieu for now!! Feliz Nevidad!

Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread review..

Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread

I am speechless when it comes to Village Candle’s Warm Buttered Bread! All that I can muster in my best Celine Dion voice…”This is the best candle in ze world!!” It truly is, at least for right now…Ha!  Do you remember Bath & Body Works French Baguette(why it is not in the regular BBW line up is beyond me!)?!? Well, it’s pretty much that candle and maybe better.  Can’t believe I am sayin’ that.  If you were in love with that BBW candle, you must get Village Candle’s version.  It REALLY smells like I am baking fresh warm bread, and just layered some butter on top of it.  OMG, it’s so good.  My son came home hoping for some..poor child, lol!

Village Candle frequently has sales. You can find them at some grocery stores or TJ Maxx, if you do not want to purchase online.  This is going to be my current go to candle – large size is two wicks, 26oz. of wax for $19.50(before any coupon!). Not a bad price for a loaf of heaven!

Scentsy’s Limited Edition 2015 Christmas Gingerbread House Warmer review…



Scentsy utterly and completely slammed this years Limited Edition Christmas Warmer outta the ball park! I totally love this 2015 Gingerbread house warmer.  Yes, it’s a pricey $75.00 but it is so adorable.  Many years of good use with this one – this is by far the most expensive warmer I have ever purchased.  It’s what the Haunted House should have been this year(no lights on that!!) – still liked it, but a big BOO. Anyway, this Gingerbread house lights up with a 25 watt bulb, which melts the wax perfectly. In fact I have a Candle’s From the Keeping Room tart in there now – which you can see overfilled just above the line in the dish.  That tart is probably just over an ounce of wax, so this dish is a good size(thankfully!).  The details are amazing and I just love the way it lights up with it streaming out of the windows… Totally worth it.  I need a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a few more Gingerbread decorations in my kitchen…Oh, and the Ornament is very nice too. Great, heavy duty quality.

By the way, a terrific complement to this warmer is the Scentsy Nightlight “Happy Holidays” Mug…

Scentsy Happy Holidays Nightlight


TGIF my wax friends, more posts later on the most delectable candle I have been burning this week…Have a great day!

My Scentsy Let It Snow Mason Warmer has arrived ~ LOVE

Scentsy Let It Snow Warmer

Scentsy Let It Snow Warmer

Oh Em Gee, I just love this warmer. The Scentsy November 2015 Warmer of the Month just arrived and it’s as amazing as I thought it would be.  If you love “Chasing FireFlies”, you are gonna love it’s Winter cousin, “Let it Snow“! It’s gorgeous and just illuminates everything. Even my husband loves it.  I am thinking that this would make a great gift for the kids teachers…Hmm, might need another order!

Also, I put in the scent Winter Cypress which is nice.  It’s not like I was thinking but kind of more of a clean, soapy scent with a teensy bit of lavender.  I like it for a small bathroom or a Scentsy Nightlight warmer. Not a must have as I thought, but definitely one to try if you like clean scents. I would say the throw is on the light-medium side.

And, I received the Scentsy Gingerbread house.  Once it I try it out tomorrow, I will post a review.  It is so PRETTY and IMO, based on appearances – worth the $75.00…which is saying a lot as I have never spent that much on a warmer before…

Onto that tomorrow. Have a great night peeps! I am going to watch some TV with the family and Let it Snow will be glowing sweetly in the background…AND, it’s cold tonight so it’s fitting!

Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pies ~ Awesomely good!



Trader Joe's Mini Pumpkin Pies

Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pies

Straight from your freezer to the oven to MY mouth! Completely, melt in your mouth good. I just popped these into our little Breville Toaster Oven(which is the BOMB too!)..and my lil’ family just devoured this package.  They are soo good! They get nice, toasty AND with a good crunch.  I know, there is just never anything bad from TJ’s and it’s another dessert for you guys to try out.  Seriously, I am buying up like 10 of these packages and baking them on Thanksgiving Day.  I like little desserts and these are perfect to serve with coffee after dinner … no pie slicing for me(lazy butt, I know!)  And, the price as usual is crazy good!

Here is more info.

“Traditional pumpkin pie is big and can serve a good number of people. Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pies are small and are each intended to be a single serving. Traditional pumpkin pie has a bottom crust only; these Minis have a top and bottom crust, making them an entirely different eating experience. Nestled within the top and bottom crusts is a smooth, rich, creamy pumpkin pie filling, made from pumpkins grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and replete with all the requisite spices. The top crust is sprinkled with sugar, and a star-shaped portion of the dough has been cut out, exposing the creamy filling and making the pies as cute as they are craveable.

You can heat them or simply let them thaw – we prefer them heated, but the choice is yours. How to eat them? So many options. Hold a Trader Joe’s Mini Pumpkin Pie in your hand, or practice more civilized pie consumption via the use of a plate and the utensils of your choice. Top with a mini dollop of whipped cream. Or turn pie à la mode upside down – start with a big bowl of ice cream and top it off with a Mini Pumpkin Pie! We’re selling each nine ounce box of six for $3.99, the same price we’ve had since we introduced these back in 2013. You’ll find them in our freezers.”

Buy them up before I do 🙂