Additional sneak peek info on upcoming Yankee Candle 2015 Spring accessories ~


Yankee Candle Spring 2015...

Yankee Candle Spring 2015…

A little birdie flew in with some info…(sorry no pics yet)!

Some new, additional information on upcoming Yankee Candle 2015 Spring accessories which should be in your store very soon…This is just a preview. There will be more and maybe more items to each line..these are not the official names either, as I am not sure what they are called so I am just listing them by description as best as I can remember.

Light Green Gingham Accessory Line, flicker glass like – Shade, plate, Jar Holder – this looks perfect to match the new Yankee Candle 2015 scents of Red Raspberry and Picnic in the Park.  I think this is really nice for Spring an to also decorate with Easter items. (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE)

Celtic Knot Accessory line for St. Patrick’s day – Jar and votive holders in flicker Celtic Knot pattern, Stained Glass type Shade.  Very pretty items and nice departure from the standard shamrock pieces we usually see every year.

Blue Ripple Glass line – Pretty light blue color – Jar holder, votives, Shade.  Very simple and classic.

Bronze striped Flicker line – Shade, Large jar holder and votives.

Marine Oceanic Crackle Glass Line – Brighter blue pieces in Fishnet pattern.  Broken up with white lines.  Some pieces have the white fishnet lined around them.  There are various charms on pieces with anchors, boat helm..Pieces include Shade, plate, Jar holder, votives and tart burner.

Various lanterns – Brown metallic Gold, Green Crackle Glass…

Scenterpieces –   several new ones, they apparently seem to have timers now, not just the Deluxe models(that would be awesome!).  I saw one that was Deluxe, cream color with lights and that is at the $34.99 price point. And, we will be seeing new Scentcups for Spring VERY soon.

Apparently, there is a new candle for Easter 2015 called Jelly Bean and a new Peeps Candle.  I haven’t heard yet what the additional Easter accessories will be.  I can see getting the Gingham line and putting that out.  It will be used more often in this house!

We should be seeing the Valentines items very soon! Last year was super cute, so I hope this year will be the same.

So all in all…many cute items coming this first go around of 2015.  Now, we just need some coupons which should be coming after Semi Annual Sale ends on the 19th of January.

As I look out onto the freezing snow that has accumulated, I can’t help but look forward to warmer days…






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