A Yankee Candle coupon for 15 off 45 expires: November 15, 2015 and a Pic of Yankee Candle Snow Days Tealight Holder

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Happy Day After Halloween!! Hope everyone had a fantastic night!

Above is a $15 off $45 coupon for Yankee Candle – expires November 15, 2015. I received this with my online order from last Sunday.  They definitely need to throw us another $50 off $100 because that was the bomb of coupons for me! 🙂

Here is a picture of one of the Yankee Snow Days accessories. I love this so much, it’s huge which is why it’s $24.99 before coupon. It holds 3 tealights.  Love that this can go all winter, as I have a ton of Snowman stuff, but much of it has the red and green which limits it to just Christmas.  I really like this line with it’s glittery whiteness! I hate that it’s an online exclusive though, they seem to be doing that too much.

Yankee Candle Snow Days Collection - Tealight Holder Skating

Yankee Candle Snow Days Collection – Tealight Holder Skating Snowman

Isn’t that just so cute?!?  It’s huge too.  I really think they did a great job with the detail.

Oh, and I have the Do-Re-Mi Candle too, it’s a nice fresh scent which I can’t quite put my finger on…I don’t know how to really describe it, but not really a winter scent. Good for a small bedroom. As it’s collectible, I probably won’t burn it – this is where I look back and go “Why didn’t I just buy two??”

So, I have a lot of posts to put up because Scentsy has inundated us with extreme cuteness and I want to scream in agony…as it’s all too much for my wallet!! And, Let it Snow must be ordered today!

Have a great day, and hopefully no candy hangovers!!

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