A photo of my Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp..

Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp

Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp

I know, it’s just a picture of a little candle lamp, lol!! BUT, it’s my favorite thing to come out from Yankee in its latest Fall 2015 Catalog.  It’s the Yankee Candle Fairy Frost Lamp!
It holds a votive candle, and it’s just perfection.  Dimensions are: 6.625″ x 4.6875″ and at $14.99 before a coupon, I think it’s a darn good bargain.  It is just the right size for a powder room, or around a bathtub(I bought two), and it’s not just for Winter(though it will be gorgeous for it!).  I love this design as it holds the votive perfectly and glows so nicely. The votive glass is solid and connected to the lamp base, so just two pieces – shade and bottom!  I really want Yankee to make this is more colors, bronze to match the lights and faucets in our master bathroom and maybe a gold! Such a cool item!!

Can’t wait for more from Yankee for the Holidays, though my heart is set on the upcoming Scentsy Warmers and Bath & Body Works Christmas fun!..Such great things to come and I can’t get it all! 🙂

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